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Londoners in need of commercial carpet cleaning can rely on 1 of 3 companies that use the Textherm cleaning system. Known as the Bentley of all cleaning machines, this industrial equipment can have carpets dried in an incredible 45 minutes – no extra fans or air movers required! Save time and money with this efficient and effective approach to cleaner carpets.

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We Are 1 of 3 Cleaning Companies in London that use the Texatherm system

For Commercial Carpet Cleaning in London, consider Quickdry Carpet and Sofa Cleaners LTD. Whether the purpose is to provide a pleasant working environment or make a good impression on customers, Quickdry offers the ideal services for your business. They have plenty of experience cleaning Hotels, Schools, Offices, Restaurants, Pubs, Cinema’s and Nightclubs of all sizes. Thanks to their Truck-Mounted petrol-powered equipment with fresh water tanks they’re even capable of providing services in locations where water/power isn’t available.

Seeing is believing….

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We use a patented cleaning method, found by for commercial carpet cleaning developed by carpet cleaners.

The texatherm system can achieve exceptional results and unmatchable drying times from 30mins. making us very niche specific in the carpet cleaning industry. we are way ahead of our competitors!

Texatherm Deep wet cleaning with all the benefits you would expect from a dry cleaning system.

The Texatherm Cleaning System is a patented process combining a unique chemical technology with heat, agitation and reaction between two solutions.

The process produces a capillary action which safely deep wet cleans carpets but also delivers all the benefits normally only associated with dry cleaning systems.

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Key Features

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High power steam cleaning is usually only necessary on our first visit, and on heavy traffic areas if your business has lower footfall. Once all the dirt has been removed we can regularly maintain your carpet with very low moisture (VLM) encapsulation cleaning or our patented Texatherm process. This service is quick and effective and can be done whilst you’re in the building if necessary.

Drying times are super fast and the entire process causes as little disruption as possible. An ideal solution for when your carpets don’t look their best and are in need of Freshening up, or if your budget is looking a little thin.

Our patented formula is new and highly advanced, developed using the very latest synthetically blended molecules to produce outstanding levels of cleaning even in the worst of conditions.

It uses astonishing new technology and packs a powerful punch. It also leaves anti-stain and anti-soiling properties, helping to protect your carpets keeping them cleaner and healthier than ever before. This process will also deodorize the area leaving it fresh, clean, and smelling great.

Why Should You Get Your Commercial Premises Carpet Cleaned?

Cleaning your commercial premises’ carpets is essential for optimal air quality and health. Regular foot traffic leads to particles such as dust, dirt, allergens, and bacteria becoming trapped in the carpet fibers, which are then spread into the air when stepped on. Keeping your carpets regularly cleaned by a professional will make sure these pollutants are eliminated to provide a healthier working environment.


What germs can I find in my carpet?

What germs can I find in my carpet? Carpet surfaces are known to be breeding grounds for various types of harmful micro-organisms, including fungi, molds, viruses, and bacteria. Common soils found in carpets include dead skin, chemicals, pet dander, fleas, carpet beetle dust mites, food particles and other micro-organisms. All of these can cause allergies or diseases if not properly addressed.

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Client Reviews

Rhys responded quickly to my request for help, gave a good quote, turned up on time on the appointed day, and did the upholstery cleaning quickly, quietly and effectively. A wonderfully discreet and efficient service.

Tony Price

So happy I found Rhys. He’s a down to earth, friendly, genuine guy delivering an excellent service. He’s skilled and his equipment is ace! He’s like no other carpet cleaning buisness on the market. Highly recommended!


Rhys and Jackson were very punctual, and did a very thorough job. Our sofa and chair look so much better – old stains removed. A very professional team. Definitely recommend.

Sarah Tulej

Very professional and excellent job. Managed to remove a soya sauce stain and make the sofa look brand new again. Very communication and fast service. I highly recommend their services!

Andreas Theocharidis

Excellent overall service. Had my chesterfield sofas cleaned after the kids destroyed it. Found Quickdry through Google and contacted them. Customer service from beginning to end was excellent. The sofas come out really good and happy with everything done.

Suhail Abdul Shahid
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upholstery cleaning - sofa cleaning -

we also clean upholstery & seamlessly repair carpets,

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