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Professional Stain Removal North London – Islington

We can deal with any stain on any carpet, sofa, mattress or rug

At Quickdry carpet and sofa cleaners ltd, we offer cheap professional stain removal service in all areas in London. It’s the nightmare scenario. You watch helplessly as your glass of red wine or your favourite dinner goes flying, coating the previously pristine beige carpet with a deep, red, impossible to do a carpet stain removal. Perhaps you come home from some well deserved ‘me time’ to discover the dog has run amok in your beloved home and your once-flawless white sofa is now coated in mud and even more unmentionable substances. You can rely on our sofa stain removal service to restore its former glory.

A glass of wine, a delicious curry, dark chocolate enjoyed after dinner. Sometimes life’s greatest pleasures can lead to stains that seem impossible to remove. Quickdry carpet and sofa cleaners ltd, are here to save the day!

Our technicians are extensively trained and certified in advanced stain removal

If you find yourself in such a nightmare, the important thing is not to panic! Help is at hand. At Quickdry carpet and sofa cleaners ltd. We are fully trained in the fine art of professional carpet, sofa, mattress, and rug stain removal, and have a team of specialists ready to descend upon your stained carpet, and lovingly restore your smeared sofa to its former glory.

Experience in dealing with, urine, blood, wine and tea & coffee stains

We have extensive experience with removing tough stains most cleaners can’t. By executing the correct chemistry releasing 95% off all stains that come Quickdry’s way. We are fully insured, and should the worst happen, you can count on us to act quickly and effectively to deal with the situation in a calm and professional manner.

100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Providing no home attempts using various products and techniques have been made, we can get the stain out, either fully or to an extent where you can live with it. We can help you!

Client Reviews

Rhys responded quickly to my request for help, gave a good quote, turned up on time on the appointed day, and did the upholstery cleaning quickly, quietly and effectively. A wonderfully discreet and efficient service.

Tony Price

So happy I found Rhys. He’s a down to earth, friendly, genuine guy delivering an excellent service. He’s skilled and his equipment is ace! He’s like no other carpet cleaning buisness on the market. Highly recommended!


Rhys and Jackson were very punctual, and did a very thorough job. Our sofa and chair look so much better – old stains removed. A very professional team. Definitely recommend.

Sarah Tulej

Very professional and excellent job. Managed to remove a soya sauce stain and make the sofa look brand new again. Very communication and fast service. I highly recommend their services!

Andreas Theocharidis

Excellent overall service. Had my chesterfield sofas cleaned after the kids destroyed it. Found Quickdry through Google and contacted them. Customer service from beginning to end was excellent. The sofas come out really good and happy with everything done.

Suhail Abdul Shahid
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